Our Process

Our team’s years of experience inform our process in creating an engaging and beautiful website for you

We outlined our process into six simple steps to give

you an idea of how we work


We believe this is the most important part of the process, as it lets us learn more about you, your brand and any areas you’re falling short with your current set-up. We will align on what’s in place, what you want to change, and any specific goals or themes you want to convey with the new site.

In this preliminary stage, we’ll also conduct industry research on other brands to inform our approach while ensuring yours stands out. Together, your input and our expertise will guide the design and functional choices that will make your new site a success!


Once we finalize the requirements attained in the planning phase, our team will begin mocking up designs for your new website. We will create multiple design layouts with the ideas and themes that will achieve the goals set during our planning. We will also discuss SEO strategy, general navigation and content placement, and make any final tweaks before prototyping.


Once you pick your favorite design, we will create a skeleton wireframe to show what the entire site will look like end-to-end. This includes full page mockups that show how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together before development begins.


In the development phase, our team will be mostly heads down building your new site. We will provide regular updates on our progress and do rigorous testing to fix any bugs. Your current site will remain live, business as usual while our team is working.


After development is done, it’s time to go live! We will transition your old site to the new version, doing so outside of regular business hours to ensure there is no disruption to your operations.


Development of the new site is only half the journey, and consistent upkeep will be just as important. Depending on your preference, we will either maintain the new version for a recurring fee, providing regular maintenance and updates to ensure it stays on top of the latest trends OR if you prefer to maintain the site yourself, we will provide detailed training and documentation to ensure there is a smooth handoff. If you change your mind down the road, we will always have an agent on-call to assist you!

Our Commitment

At Blue Chip Solutions, our commitment goes beyond just designing websites. We are dedicated to creating digital experiences that resonate with your audience and drive results. Our process is built on a foundation of collaboration and innovation, ensuring that every project is a true reflection of our client’s vision.

    We pledge to:

    • Understand Your Unique Needs: Taking the time to understand your business, ensuring our solutions are perfectly tailored to your goals.


    • Stay Ahead of Trends: Continuously incorporating the latest design trends and technologies to keep your website at the forefront.


    • Deliver Exceptional Quality: Meticulous attention to detail to create visually stunning and functionally robust websites.


    • Ensure Ongoing Support: Providing reliable support and guidance even after your website goes live.

    Blue Chip Solutions

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